An interface-enriched topology optimization with linear elasttic fracture mechanics

By developing on our previous work previous work on topology optimization, in this work we optimize the topology of structures to mitigate brittle fracture. Topological derivatives are used to approximate energy release rate values at the locations of enriched nodes that are added to properly capture the structural boundary. We assume cracks can nucleate only at right angles from the boundary/ Energy release rates are therefore approximated by conducting a single enriched finite element analysis—by means of the Interface-enriched Generalized Finite Element Method—and aggregated into a single objective functions by means of the P-mean function. We use MMA as the optimizer with analytical sensitivity formulation by means of an adjoint formulation.

Topology optimization of the L-bracket

Related publications

  • J. Zhang, F. van Keulen, and A.M. Aragón. "On Tailoring Fracture Resistance of Brittle Structures: A Level Set Interface-enriched Topology Optimization Approach." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 388 (2022), p. 114189.