A two-pass enriched contact formulation with smooth traction transfer

Solving contact problems is extremely hard due to the highly nonlinear nature of the problem. This research aims at creating a completely new methodology for contact resolution, whereby the displacement field is enriched along contact interfaces. Contact constraints are then be enforced by using either multiple-point constraints or Lagrange multipliers. The formulation shows that, without any stabilization, contact tractions are transferred properly. The method can also be used for coupling non-conforming discretizations.

Punch ironing test
The video shows the shallow-ironing contact test, where a punch is pushed downwards and moved along the top surface of the substrate.

Related publications

  • D. Liu, S. J. van den Boomb, A. Simone, and A. M. Aragón. "An interface-enriched generalized finite element formulation for locking-free coupling of non-conforming discretizations and contact." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engienering (2021), Submitted for publication.